The Month of Ramadan

It is said that the Holy Prophet (SAW) once said about the Month of Ramadan: “The month of Allah has arrived, try to free yourself. Indeed, your souls are encumbered by your deeds, so free it with repentance, and your backs are heavy from bearing the burden of your sins. You know that sins are a heavy burden. This burden is not carried by anyone except the owner of the burden himself. Your back has become bent from this costly burden. Lighten this burden”.

This month of freedom is considered by some as the start of the spiritual calendar and is a time to take account of our actions for the last year. If someone has a right over us, it is incumbent upon us to endeavour to fulfill it. If we caused someone pain, spoke about anyone behind their back, insulted or hurt their reputation, this is an opportunity to cleanse ourselves of some of these weights that restrain us from reaching our potential spiritually, emotionally and even physically.

The impurities in our environment and food make it necessary for us to watch what we eat and sometimes undergo a detox period to cleanse our body of intoxicants so that it may function the way it is supposed to. Similarly, our souls also become contaminated with accumulated sins throughout the year and require a detox at least annually. Now is the best time to begin that process.

Laylatal Qadr takes place on one of the odd nights in the last 10 days of the Holy Month. Let us reflect on our past, seek forgiveness from Allah SWT for our shortcomings and from any individuals whom we may have hurt, and come up with a ‘new year’s resolution’ that can begin during the nights of Qadr later this Holy Month. Inshallah this will put our souls in a better position to receive the blessings Allah SWT has in store for us this coming Laylatal Qadr.


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