The Month of Sha’ban

The month of Sha’ban has arrived and with it comes many blessings. It is said that the Holy Prophet (SAW) stated, “Sha’ban is a distinguished month and it is my month, the carriers of the Divine Throne sanctify it and know its right, and it is the month in which sustenance is increased for the believers. Sha‘ban is the month of performing deeds, good is multiplied seventy times and evil is diminished, sins are forgiven and good deeds are accepted.”

Many of the Ahlul Bayt (A) were also born this month such as Imam Hussain, Abbas ibn Ali, Imam Zayn Al Abideen and Imam Muhammad ibn Hassan Al Mahdi, which is marked on the 15th of Sha’ban and is one of the recommended nights of worship throughout the year known as Laylat Al Bara’at. It is said that the Holy Prophet (SAW) stated “Allah (SWT) gazes at His creation on the fifteenth night of Sha’ban and then forgives all His slaves except for two types of people: those who attribute partners to Allah (SWT) and those who have rancour for their fellow Muslims”. Fasting and alms giving are some of the many recommended acts of worship this month and serve as preparation for the holy month of Ramadan.

The holy month of Ramadan is a spiritual banquet that all can benefit from. The extent to which each of us benefits though is dependent on our spiritual state going into the month and during the month. Let us all take advantage of this last month before Ramadan arrives to prepare our souls for the spiritual feast that awaits us by performing as many recommended acts of worship, seeking forgiveness, taking action to care for others, and contemplating on our soul and its purpose. We should also always remember that any action or intention we make must be done with utmost sincerity (iklhas) and performed purely for the sake of Allah (SWT).


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