The Best Way To Defend Islam Is To Practice Islam

Unfortunately, Islam is often portrayed negatively across various news and media outlets. Whether it’s the tragic bombings of Al-Aqsa and the death of countless Palestinians, the senseless killings of Hazara Shia school girls in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the largest current humanitarian crisis of the world in Yemen, the ban on hijabs in France and Quebec, the ban on halal meat in France, and countless other violations against Islam and its followers, Islam is under constant attack.

We cannot allow ourselves to witness despair amongst people without offering a helping hand; we cannot be indifferent to injustice. With the rampant increase in Islamaphobia, actions such as refraining from alcohol and drugs, backbiting, jealousy, stealing, dishonesty and all other haraam, as well as standing up for yours and others rights in the face of tyranny and oppression, and embodying principles of charity, respect, honesty, honour, loyalty and modesty are amongst the greatest means of counteracting negative stereotypes.

Whether it be writing a letter to your local or federal political representative demanding that they censure the tyrants at the UN, or spreading awareness amongst your community about these issues in person, on social media, or through art, poetry or writing articles, it is important that we make an effort to live the Sunnah of the Holy Prophet (SAW) and speak out on these matters. Show the world what it means to be a proud Muslim.


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