Prophet Muhammad (SAW) - Mercy for all Mankind

“And we did not send you (oh Muhammad), but as a mercy to the worlds” (21:107).

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the best of all creations of Allah (SWT) and the most beloved by Him. As Allah’s final Messenger to mankind he is the pinnacle of human potential and the example we aspire to emulate in all facets of life.

He left the Ummah orphaned when he left this world for Jannah on the 28th of Safar in the 11th year of the Hijri calendar, or 632 AD, which was commemorated earlier this week. But even in his departure from the worldly realm, his mercy and guidance did not leave us. He left behind ‘two weighty things’ for the Ummah, the Qur’an and his family, the Ahlul Bayt (AS), which are both a mercy in and unto themselves.

Most cherished are the lessons we learn from his blessed life.

Never in history has the world seen a father as loving and respectful. Whenever his daughter Sayyida Fatima Zahra (SA) would enter the room, the Holy Prophet (SAW) would stand up for her, kiss her, and have her sit beside him. Keep in mind that this was during an era when only 20 years earlier, the pre-Islamic Arabs would bury their daughters alive out of contempt for women.

Nor has it seen a leader as humble and compassionate.  An old Jewish lady would throw garbage at the Holy Prophet (SAW) daily as he passed by her home out of contempt for him. One day, the Holy Prophet (SAW) passed by and to his surprise, no garbage was thrown at him. His first reaction was concern for the health and wellbeing of this lady and he immediately went to visit her once told that she was sick. The old lady was humbled by his compassion towards her despite her cruel behaviour towards him and immediately accepted him as the Prophet of God. Only a prophet of God would care for the souls of all people whether they be believers or disbelievers, pious or sinners.  

Nor a businessman as honest. He was often referred to as Al Amin, which means the trustworthy one, a name that he earned while working as a trader. He would always disclose even the slightest of faults of anything he sold. No one ever lost out in a transaction with the Holy Messenger and always gained peace of mind.

Nor a warrior as merciful. Despite being stoned, abused, persecuted, driven out of Mecca by its corrupt rulers, having war waged on him and his followers in which close family members were martyred, when the Muslim army entered Mecca, the Holy Prophet (SAW) had this to say to his former enemies, “I say to you as Prophet Joseph (AS) said to his brothers: ‘There shall be no reproach on you today. God will forgive you, and He is the Most Merciful of the merciful’. And He sent me as a mercy to the people, not as a punishment”.

These few words do not do justice to the Holy Prophet (SAW). His legacy is clearly unparalleled and is not only for Muslims but for all mankind. For this reason, Allah (SWT) Himself refers to the Holy Messenger in the Qur’an as Rahmatul lil Alameen, the mercy to all the worlds (or all creation).

Assalamo Alaika Ya RasulAllah!

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