Islamic Wellness: Promotion and Protection

Promotion and Protection

Since it’s inception, Islam has prioritized a holistic approach to health. The protection of faith, property, life, progeny and mind are core principals in Islam, the latter three of which cannot be adequately observed without the diligent protection and preservation of health.

Concomitant with the responsibility to protect one’s own health is the duty to promote the well-being and health of others and the environment. Divine law and various Islamic hadiths emphasize the protection and promotion of health by maintaining good hygiene, nutrition, a happy family, and treating yours and others bodies and minds with love and respect.

Additionally, concepts of protection and promotion of health in Islam include abstaining from and discouraging others from harmful substances such as drugs, alcohol and tobacco, as well as refraining from activity that is conducive to the propagation of disease, infection and accidental injury. Protecting and promoting a healthy mind is equally as, if not more, important as a healthy body. Beyond the physical ramifications, mind altering intoxicants disrupt our ability to be  mentally present and spiritually connected to Allah. 

Islam has provided us the means necessary to protect our own health, the health of our communities and the environments we live in. The Prophet Muhammed SAAW has said, “Your body has a right over you.” Therefore, it is our duty as parents, children, siblings and members of our global community to encourage healthier lifestyles among those we love and care for. One of the Arabic interpretations of the word ‘Wilaya’ means ‘guardian’. Allah is the ultimate decider of fate, but it is up to your will to be the guardian of your healthy body, mind and soul and help others in their journey to achieve same.



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