Ginger: Nature’s Pain Killer & More

Ginger is one of nature’s superfoods packed with nutrients and bioactive compounds that have remarkable effects on your health. As well as a popular flavouring ingredient, it has been used for its medicinal benefits by various cultures for millennia and there are numerous studies that confirm the efficacy of its active ingredient, gingerol, in helping alleviate digestion issues, flus, viruses and colds, nausea and morning sickness. In addition, it has anti-cancer properties, lowers cholesterol, lowers blood sugar, improves heart risk factors, improves reaction time and working memory, assists with weight loss, and is effective against oral bacteria.

The powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of gingerol help reduce oxidative stress that is responsible for most illnesses, but perhaps one of its most underused applications is as a pain reliever.

Modern society is facing an epidemic overuse of prescription and over the counter pain medicationsthat may relieve pain short term but cause long term damage to the liver and other vital organs. The remarkable thing is that nature’s medicine cabinet is as effective as these chemical compounds.

Ginger as a Pain Reliever

Studies have shown that appropriate amounts of ginger can be at least as effective as prescription pain killers. This has been proven specifically for a number of conditions. For example, a controlled study completed to test the effect of ginger on those suffering from osteoarthritis concluded that the reduction in pain, disability and stiffness were significant.

Another example is the traditional use of ginger for menstrual pain. In one study where 150 women were instructed to take either ginger, mefenamic acid (a prescription pain killer) or ibuprofen (active ingredient in Advil) for the first three days of their menstrual period, ginger managed to reduce pain as effectively as the pain killer medications.

More recent studies have also concluded that ginger is more effective than a placebo and equally as effective as drugs such as mefenamic acid (prescription pain killer) as well as acetaminophen (active ingredient in Tylenol), caffeine, and ibuprofen (active ingredient in Advil).

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