13th Rajab Honouring Imam Ali (AS)

Amir Al Mo’mineen, Imam Al Mutaqeen, Haydar Karrar, Assadollah, Saifollah. These are all titles given to Imam Ali Al Mortadha AS and it is on the 13th of this holy month of Rajab that he came into this world, born in the holiest of places, the Kaaba. The first time he opened his eyes was when in the arms of the Holy Prophet Muhammad SAW and from then on his life was spent learning from and serving the Holy Prophet SAW.

He was one of the rare examples of vastly contrasting characteristics coexisting within one person. The same man who lifted the gates of Khaybar with one hand for the sake of Allah SWT would use his knees to break the old and hardened bread that he would humbly eat so as to not have any better food than the poorest amongst his society. He was so brave and fearless on the battlefield that no one could defeat him there without resorting to attacking him while in the blissful state of sujood, where he was martyred. While he never used an iota of state property as the Khalifa, he spent his nights secretly feeding poor families and caring for orphans, widows and the disadvantaged of society. While his iron will, courage and eloquence was unmatched, he bore burdens patiently and never complained to people.

There are books full of sayings by Imam Ali AS but one of our favourites is: “Carry light and overcome”. Though there may be many interpretations of what this can mean, one of them may be to not burden our minds with worry about the outcome of worldly matters. It is important to think about issues that need to be addressed with a clear mind and with awareness that everything is from Allah SWT, by Allah SWT, and for Allah SWT. When our intention for every action we take is for the pleasure of Allah SWT alone, whether the outcome of our actions is apparently favourable to us or not, we are pleased with it because we strived and the result we received was what Allah SWT deemed best for us. There is peace and ease in this way of thinking and it improves our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.


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